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Question 1

For a electro static type of instrument the type of damping used is

Question 2

The input impedance of the voltmeter should be as high as possible. This is because:

Question 3

In a PMMC instrument, the swamping resistor is used to

Question 4

A PMMC type instrument with its full scale reading of 6mA and 8mV potential difference is used as voltmeter in order to measure the voltage of 0 – 300V. The series resistance is required in order to have safe operation is  _________Ω

Question 5

An a.c. voltmeter uses a full wave bridge rectifier and the basic meter with full scale deflection current of 2 mA and the meter resistance of 500 Ω. Calculate the multiplier resistance for a 10 V r.ms.range on the voltmeter.

Question 6

A galvanometer in series with a high resistance is called?
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