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Question 1

Which of the following semi-conductor parameters vary with temperature?
i) Intrinsic concentration (ηi)
ii) Mobility (μ)
iii) Conductivity (σ)
iv) Energy gap (EG)

Question 2

A semiconductor having electron mobility, hole mobility, intrinsic carrier concentration as is kept at 300 ° K. The maximum value of resistivity is _________ Ω-m.

Question 3

Two exactly same semiconductors formed from materials having bandgap of1.1 eV and 0.7 eV are taken.Then the ratio of intrinsic carrier concentration Of the first semiconductor to the second one will be _____ Description: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\03_Elctro-Devic_B-done_files\image021.png10-3 (assuming kT=0.026 eV).

Question 4

Silicon is doped with boron to a concentration of 4×1017 atoms/cm3. Assuming the intrinsic carrier concentration of silicon to be 1.5×1010/cm3 and the value of to be 25 mV at 300 K
Compared to undoped silicon, the Fermi level of doped silicon?

Question 5

A heavily doped n − type semiconductor has the following data:
Hole-electron mobility ratio: 0.4
Doping concentration : 4.2 × 108 atoms/m3
Intrinsic concentration : 1.5 × 104 atoms/m3
The ratio of conductance of the n − type semiconductor to that of the intrinsic semiconductor of same material and at the same temperature is given by

Question 6

A gallium arsenide pn junction is operating in reverse-bias voltage VR=5 V. The doping profile are. The minority carrier life- time are . The reverse-biased generation
current density is (
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