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DFCCIL EE/EC Control Systems QUIZ - 5

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Question 1

The Nyquist plot for a control system is shown below :
the type of the system is

Question 2

Polar plot of a transfer function is given below in the figure. The gain margin of the system is

Question 3

The TF of a open loop system is . The Nyquist plot will be of the form?

Question 4

Consider the unity feedback system with open loop transfer function given by . For , the stability of the system and number of poles of the closed loop transfer function that lie in the right half of S-plane will be

Question 5

Phase margin of the standard second order under damped system is

Question 6

Consider the following:
1) Bode plot
2) Nyquist plot
3) Nichols chart
Which of the above frequency response plots are commonly employed in the analysis of control systems?
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