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DFCCIL EE/EC Control Systems QUIZ - 4

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Question 1

The phase cross-over frequency of the transfer function  in Hz is.

Question 2

Open loop transfer function of unity feedback system is . For input sin(ωt), At ω1 frequency (rad/sec), steady state response shows the peak. The value of ω1 is ________rad/sec.

Question 3

A unity feedback control system is characterized by the open-loop transfer function

The value of k for which the system oscillates at 2 rad/s is_____

Question 4

A system with input x(t) and output y(t) is described by the following differential equation:

The system is said to be

Question 5

When the system will be stable?

Question 6

For a closed loop system to be stable the gain crossover frequency (ωgc) and phase crossover frequency (ωpc) will be related as-
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