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DFCCIL EE/EC Communication System QUIZ - 2

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Question 1

In a PCM system, non-uniform quantization leads to

Question 2

A Television signal is sampled at a rate of 20% above the Nyquist rate. The signal has a bandwidth of 6 MHz. The sample are quantized into 1024 levels. The minimum bandwidth required to transmit this signal would be

Question 3

A PCM system uses a uniform quantizer followed by a 8-bit encoder. The bit rate of the system is equal to 108 bits/s. The maximum message bandwidth for which the system operates satisfactorily is

Question 4

The bandwidth required in DPCM is less than that of PCM because

Question 5

The minimum step-size required for a Delta-Modulator operating at 32 K samples/ sec to track the signal (here u(t) is the unit function)

x(t) = 125t[u(t)–u(t – 1)] + (250 – 125t) [u(t – 1) – u(t – 2)]

so that slope overload is avoided, would be

Question 6

The bit rate of a digital communication system is 34M bits. The modulation scheme is QPSK. The baud rate of the system is
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