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DFCCIL EE Digital Electronics Quiz 5

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Question 1

Which of the following statement is correct?

1) The basic RS latch is asynchronous device.

2) The clocked RS flip flop adds a valuable synchronous feature to RS latch.

Question 2

In the given figure a 4-bit synchronous counter is shown with active low clear. Q0 is LSB and Q3 is MSB. What is the type of counter?

Question 3

In the circuit given in the below figure, Q = 0 initially. What shall be the subsequent states of Q when clock pulses are given?

Question 4

Which of the following is correct when JK flip flop is made using D flip flop.

Question 5

The number of flip flops that will be complemented in a 10-bit binary ripple up counter to reach the next count after the count 1011001111 will be

Question 6

In a 4-bit serial in-parallel out right shift register shown in figure below. After four clock pulses are applied the content of the shift register will be

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