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DFCCIL EE Circuit Theory Quiz 5

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Question 1

In the circuit, if Vc(0) = 25 V, the expression for Vc(t) for t > 0 is

Question 2

At t=0, the switch S is thrown from b to a of the circuit as shown below. What are the values of v(0+) and i(0+)?

Question 3

A series R-L-C circuit is switched ON to a step voltage V at What are the initial and final values of the current in the circuit, respectively?

Question 4

In any network the current will be seen to be consisting of a forced current and a natural current. A forced current is

Question 5

The nature of current response for for the network shown is

Question 6

In the circuit shown below, the constant current source of value I is switched on at t= 0. What are the values of currents i1 and i2 when the attain its steady state condition, with zero initial conditions?

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