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DFCCIL EE Circuit Theory Quiz 4

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Question 1

What is the value of the total impedance (in ohms) of a tank circuit working at resonant frequency having a capacitance of 0.01 mF and an inductance of 0.01 mH?

Question 2

What will be the value of current ‘I’ (in A) for the given circuit diagram?

Question 3

What will be the instantaneous value of the alternating voltage (in V) which is represented by v(t) = 120 sin(1 1t - 20) V, when the value of t is 10?

Question 4

What will be the time (in seconds) taken by the inductor reach its maximum steady state value in a series RL circuit, when the value of the inductance is 0.8 H and the value of the resistance is 10 Ohms?

Question 5

A constant voltage of 60 V is applied at  across a series R-L circuit as shown in the figure. Determine the current (in A) in the circuit at

Question 6

What will be the value of inductance (in mH) connected in series with a capacitance of 4 F in a series RLC circuit having a quality factor 2, when the resonant frequency is 6 rad/sec?
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