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DFCCIL EE Circuit Theory Quiz 3

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Question 1

The Thevenin equivalent parameters of the network shown at terminals a–b is

Question 2

The voltage Vo in the circuit given below is:

Question 3

Thevenin’s equivalents of the network in Fig. (i) are 10 V and 2 . If a resistance of 3 is connected across terminals AB as shown in Fig. (ii), what are Thevenin’s equivalents?

Question 4

Find the Rth for the Maximum Power transfer to the load resistance RL.

Question 5

The theorem which states that in any linear, non-linear, passive, active, time variant and time-variant network, the summation of instantaneous powers is zero will be called as

Question 6

When the dependent sources are present in the circuit, then which of the following theorem's cannot be applied.?
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