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DFCCIL EE Circuit Theory Quiz 2

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Question 1

In mesh analysis circuit shown, a current source is located where mesh current has current source which is equal to the current source i.e. I2 = Is What will be an expression for current I1?

Question 2

The Kirchhoff’s current law is based on

Question 3

Nodal Analysis is applicable on:
i. Kirchhoff Voltage law
ii. Ohm's Law
iii. Kirchhoff Current law
iv. Superposition

Question 4

The voltage across a load is V(t) = 20 cos(ωt - 20o) volts and the current through the load is i(t) = cos (ωt + 10o)A. The complex power in the load is

Question 5

Kirchhoff’s current law is applicable to
1) Closed loops in a circuit
2) Junction in a circuit
3) Magnetic circuits
Which of the above is/are correct?

Question 6

What is the potential drop across 80 ohm the resistor in the figure?

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