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Question 1

Which mechanism is used by optical fiber for light communication

Question 2

Estimate cut off wavelength for step index fiber in single mode operation. The core refractive index is 1.48 and core radius is 7.5 μm. The relative index difference is 0.25%.

Question 3

A step index multimode fiber with a numerical aperture of a 0.20 supports 500 modes at an 850 nm wavelength what is the diameter of its core.

Question 4

How scattering is related to the wavelength?

Question 5

Choose the option which is not correct for the dispersion?

Question 6

For a multimode silica fibre that has a core refractive index n1 = 1.48 and cladding index n2 = 1.45, what is the acceptance angle for the fiber?
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