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Question 1

In a satellite link, and. The overall of this link is

Question 2

Which of the following statements are correct related to satellite communications.

1) In a typical earth station transmitter, IF modulator converts the input baseband signals to either an FM, a PSK, or a QAM modulated IF signal.

2) A typical satellite transponder consists of input and output BPF, a LNA, a frequency translator and a high level power amplifier.

Question 3

If a transmitter produces 50 watts of power. If 50 watts is applied to a unity gain antenna with 900 MHz carrier frequency find the received power in dBm at free space distance of 100 m from antenna.

Question 4

A satellite is rotating in a circular orbit at a height of 322 km. The orbital period of this satellite is

Question 5

Step tracking is used for which type of communication

Question 6

Each earth station’s transmission is encoded with a unique binary word called
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