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DFCCIL EC/EE Advance Communication QUIZ - 1

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Question 1

What topologies are used in communication networks

Question 2

Framing, Error detection is controlled by which layer of OSI model?

Question 3

For authentication digital signature is used, then sender encrypts its signature using

Question 4

In an IPV4 datagram, M bit is zero and fragment offset value is zero, then the fragment is

Question 5

Which of the following statements are correct related to Co-Channel Interference (CCI)

1) CCI can be reduced by increasing transmitted powers.

2) CCI can be reduced by maintaining a minimum separate distance between the co-channels.

Question 6

Consider the following below statements related to Adjacent Channel Interference (ACI)

1) ACI occurs when transmissions from adjacent channels interfere with each other.

2) ACI results from imperfect filters in receivers that allow nearby frequencies to enter the receiver.

The correct statements are

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