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Design Of Steel Structures: Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

The minimum edge and end distance from the centre of any hole to the nearest machine flame cut rolled member edge shall not be less than

Question 2

Two 150 mm × 20 mm plates are welded to form a T-Section which is used as a beam. If the beam is supporting a maximum shear force of 10 kN. obtain or find The force to be resisted (in kN) by each weld.

Question 3

When a circular rod of diameter 'd' welded to a rigid plate by a circular fillet weld of size 's' is subjected to a twisting moment 'T',then the maximum shear stress is given by

Question 4

Two plates subjected to direct axial tension, each of 16 mm thick and having width 150 mm and 250 mm respectively are to be fillet welded. The yield stress and the ultimate tensile stress of steel and welds are 250 MPa and 410 MPa respectively. The welding is done at a shop (ϒmw =1.25). The joint is subjected to a factored load of 400 kN. The length of the weld required using minimum permissible weld size is

Question 5

Assertion (A): In case of mild steel, the tensile strength (ultimate tensile stress) of smaller diameter bars are more than that of large diameter bars.

Reason (R): In case of smaller diameter mild steel bars, the ratio of outer hard core to total area (outer hard core + inner soft core) is less.

Question 6

Which of the following statements are correct regarding the design of lacings?
1) The lacing members can be made of flats only.
2) Lacing members are mirror image of each other on the opposite sides of the columns.
3) The maximum slenderness ratio for a lacing member carrying tension is 180.
4) Lacing members do not transfer any lateral loads.

Question 7

The thrust developed due to sudden stopping of the trolley across the building is classified as

Question 8

Drag loads in the gantry girder are

(i) Produced because of sudden stopping or starting of movement of trolley across the building

(ii) Produced because of sudden stopping or starting of movement of trolley along the building

(iii) A type of lateral load

(iv) A type of longitudinal load

Question 9

A beam ABC 9 m long and of uniform section is fixed at A and simply supported at B, 6 m from A. The beam carries a point load W at the mid point of AB and a point load at the free end C. What is the value of so that W is maximum corresponding to collapse state?

Question 10

Which of the following conditions are satisfied for lower bound theorem?
1) Equilibrium Condition
2) Yield Condition
3) Mechanism Condition
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