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Design Of Steel Structures: Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

Calculate the gross diameter (in mm) of 20 mm nominal diameter power driven shop rivets used for the truss Connection as per IS: 800?

Question 2

Calculate the minimum size of an M4.6 bolt required if the maximum torque acting on the top plate is 50 kNm. Assume shank of the bolt to be in shear plane.

Question 3

A load which can be transmitted per pitch length of a double cover butt joint connected by 22 mm diameter shop rivet at 80 mm pitch. The thickness of main plates and cover plates are 16 mm and 12 mm respectively. Take allowable tensile strength of plates equal to 150 N/mm2, allowable shear stress in rivets equal to 100 N/mm2 and allowable stress in bearing for rivets equal to 300 N/mm2. What is the efficiency of joint?

Question 4

What is the effective net width of plate (in mm) shown below in the figure, for carrying tension?

Question 5

Consider the following statements with reference to 'lug angle’ and select the correct option

I. The connection of member to the gusset plate shall preferably shall in advance of the connection of member to lug angle.

II. In no case, less than two rivets or two bolts shall be used for attaching the lug angle to gusset plate.

III. In case, the main member is a channel section, the channel should be symmetric as far as possible.

Question 6

A steel rod of 20 mm diameter has been used as a tie in a bracing system. The tie may be subjected to possible reversal of stress due to wind. What is the maximum permitted length member as per IS: 800 – 2007?

Question 7

The effective length of a battened strut effectively held in position at both ends but not restrained in direction is taken as

Question 8

For maximum bending moment, the position of wheel load should be placed such that

Question 9

the most common built up section used for the gantry girder is

Question 10

For a rectangular cross-section, yield happens when the extreme fitness reaches yield strain y. For strain y., the moment capacity is M1. What will be the yield moment capacity if the extreme fibres reach a yield strain of 1.5 y.?
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