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Design Of Steel Structures: Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A circular plate 200 mm diameter is welded to another plate by means of 8 mm fillet weld. If the permissible shearing stress in the weld equals to 20 kg/mm, find the maximum twisting moment that can be resisted by weld

Question 2

Tacking rivets in compression plates not exposed to weather have a pitch not exceeding 300 mm or ____ , as per IS : 800-2007?

Question 3

As per IS 800 – 2007, in case of staggered pitch, pitch may be increased by ______ percent of values specified above provided gauge distance is less than _____ mm.

Question 4

The tensile strength of the plate (in kN) 120 mm X 14 mm with the holes of 16 mm diameter bolts as shown in figure based on rupture of critical section criteria based on limit state design(LSD) of IS 800:2007 is (Consider Fe 500 steel section)

Question 5

A fillet welded joint of 8mm size is shown in the figure. The weld surfaces meet at standard angle. The yield stress and the ultimate tensile stress of steel are 250 MPa and 410 MPa respectively. The welding is done in the workshop (ϒmw =1.25). Find the factored load that can be transmitted by the welded joint as IS 800:2007 is

Question 6

A flat tie 150 ISF 14 is carrying load reversal due to loads of wind or seismic loading. Determine maximum length of flat as per IS: 800–2007

Question 7

A steel column section ISHB 350 (width of flange is 250 mm and thickness of flange 11.6 mm) has to carry a factored load of 2400 kN. The yield stress and the ultimate tensile stress of steel and welds are 250 MPa and 410 MPa respectively and partial safety factor governed by yield and ultimate tensile strength respectively are 1.10 and 1.25. The bearing strength of M25 grade concrete in limit state method of design as per IS 456:2000 (in N/mm2)is

Question 8

A steel column pinned at both ends has a buckling load of 160 kN. If the column is effectively held in position and restrained against rotation at one end but neither held in position nor restrained against rotation at the other end, then its buckling load will be ________ kN.

Question 9

The gantry girder is designed resist

(i) Gravity loads

(ii) Lateral loads

(iii) Longitudinal load

(iv) Wind load

Question 10

A crane with two wheel per side, has capacity of 50 kN. Weight of trolley = 10 kN, span is 12 m. Maximum static wheel load with hook clearance of 1 m from the wheels is?
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