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Design Of Concrete Structures: Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A continuous beam is considered as a deep beam if the ratio of effective span to overall depth is less than

Question 2

As per IS code 456 minimum p(H) of water used for cement mix?

Question 3

The pitch of the main bars in a simply supported slab should not exceed its effective depth by _____.

Question 4

The moment of resistance of a singly reinforced beam depends upon

(i) Depth of the beam

(ii) Area of reinforcement

(iii) Grade of concrete and steel

(iv) Type of loading

Question 5

In a singly reinforced beam if the failure strain of concrete in bending compression reaches earlier than yield strain in steel , the beam section is called

Question 6

In a slab, the transverse reinforcement is provided at ________ to the span of the slab.

Question 7

For slabs spanning in two directions for calculating the span to effective depth ratio

Question 8

The effective width of a column strip of a flat slab is

Question 9

The assumption made in the theory of reinforced cement concrete beam is that

Question 10

As per IS (Indian Standard) specifications, the minimum number of longitudinal bars provided in a column shall be ____ in rectangular columns and _____ in circular columns.
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