E Ganna App: An App for Sugarcane Farmers

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 19, 2022, 15:37

The E Ganna App is an app that has been created for sugarcane farmers in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a dedicated web portal and a mobile application that can be highly useful to all sugarcane growers in the state. It serves 169 sugarcane societies in UP.

Through this app, the cane producers could get the cane supply slip by the sugar mills online directly. In other words, E Ganna App would automate the calendering and 'Purchi' distribution system for the farmers and update their payment status.

Purpose of the E Ganna App

With the E Ganna App download, all sugarcane farmers can receive all the information related to their supply of sugarcane through this app with a single click on their smartphones. All the information on the app is 100% authentic as it is monitored and provided directly by the sugarcane department's official database.

The app would measure the crop, assess its value in the presence of the grower, and record their payment by the mills within a stipulated period.

Overview of E Ganna App Parchi in 2022

UP Government launched E Ganna App Parchi, or "E-Ganna App," to comfort sugarcane farmers in the city. This app is known to quickly solve all the issues of sugarcane farmers, including cane arrears.

  • Farmers can use this application to gather details instantly about the sale of sugarcane and other news online.
  • The official website of E Ganna App is www.caneup,in.

Look at the table below for important information about the E Ganna App Uttar Pradesh.

E Ganna App 2022 Details

Name of Scheme

E-Ganna Mobile App

in Language

ई गन्ना मोबाइल ऐप

Launched by

State Government of UP


Farmer of State

Major Benefit

E Information

Scheme Objective

Ganna Slip Calendar

Scheme under

State Government

Name of State

Uttar Pradesh

Post Category

Scheme/ Yojana

Launched Date

12 November 2019

E Ganna App Download and its Advantages

  • The portal is regulated and monitored by the official department for sugarcane by the UP government; hence, all the information available on it is correct.
  • The portal ensures transparency in the process of getting slips from sugar companies.
  • It facilitates sugarcane supply by farmers directly to the mills, thereby avoiding mediators and keeping a check upon irregularities.
  • It helps in eradicating the cane mafia and strengthening cane development societies.
  • It has been created to provide relief to the small and marginal cane cultivators who are exploited by the 'ganna mafia' in UP in a big way.

How to Download E-Ganna App

Whether you are using an android mobile phone, an iPhone, or a PC, given below are the E-Ganna App Download links for different online platforms. The sugarcane farmers can download the app from the play store and install it on their smartphones to get the information.

Links to Download E-Ganna App

E-Ganna App for Android

Click here.

E Ganna App for iPhone

Click here.

E Ganna App Download for PC

Click here.

E Ganna App Download Apk

Click here.

E Ganna App - Benefits of Sugarcane Farmers in UP

With the launch of the E Ganna App, the farmers of sugarcane in UP have benefited in the following manner:

  • They know well in advance how much sugarcane they are growing for that season.
  • They can estimate the cost of it.
  • Sugar mills can transfer the amount directly into their accounts.
  • They can check these details about other farmers as well, through the app.

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UGC Code in E Ganna App

The UGC code in the E Ganna App has to be generated by first downloading the E Ganna App on your android or iPhone.

  • Once the UGC code has been created, the users have to log in to their account through the app by using this code and their village code, and they will be able to get all the information relating to their sugarcane cultivation and supply to the mills and so on.
  • It provides all personal details, along with details related to their cultivation area, their produce, supply center, tie-up with the sugar companies, and so on.
  • All in all, E Kisan Ganna App provides complete information on the farmer calendar and supplies tickets with a single click on the mobile phone.

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FAQs about E Ganna App

What is E Ganna App Online?

Uttar Pradesh government has launched a specific web portal and a mobile application, the E-Ganna App, for sugarcane farmers of the state. The portal ensures clarity in the process of getting slips, boosts sugarcane supply by farmers to mills, and checks if there is any irregularity.

When was the E Ganna App for iPhone and Android Launched?

The E Ganna App for iPhone and Android was launched in the year 2019, in Lucknow, on 13th November.

Which government has brought about this E Ganna App free download?

The Uttar Pradesh government has already launched this E ganna program and implemented it successfully to benefit the state's sugarcane growers.

Which is the latest version of the E Ganna App?

The latest version of the E Ganna App is 4.01, which got updated on 17th January 2022. All the data is delivered from the official database of the sugarcane department. Tickets for supply and Farmer Calendar are generated from this database.

Who Founded E Ganna App?

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched E Ganna App on 13th November 2019. It is an online ERP system controlling sugarcane production and supply to sugar factories in Uttar Pradesh. The launching of the app has helped in making the procedure easier.

What is UGC Code in E Ganna App?

Once the UGC Code In E Ganna App is created, the users have to log in to their account through the app by using this code and their village code. They would be able to get all the news related to their sugarcane cultivation and supply to the mills.

How to Use E Ganna App?

Visit the official website of the E-Ganna Mobile App, i.e., caneup.in Then, select your district, place of the sugar mill, village, and name of the producer. After you install the cane app, you can get data about Ganna Parchi Calendar.

What is the helpline number for E Ganna App?

E Ganna App introduced a toll-free number which is 18001213203, that provides information related to the application to farmers. Farmers can also contact the toll-free number 18001035823 for details about the cane voucher.