List of Bank Holidays in Lakshadweep 2023

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 8, 2023, 10:20

Bank holidays in Lakshadweep consist of national holidays, festivals, and regional days. The Lakshadweep Archipelago is a collection of islands located in the Laccadive Sea, and it is one of the country's four coral reef regions. Aside from a diverse range of water species, it is well known for water sports such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

The fixed bank holidays in Lakshadweep are every second and fourth Saturday of the month, and most public holidays are also considered bank holidays in the union territory. We have shared further information about the bank holidays in Lakshadweep in 2023 here.

Bank Holidays in Lakshadweep 2023

Besides gazetted holidays and public occasions, the list of Lakshadweep bank holidays includes certain Saturdays of the month. It is important to know about all bank holidays in the state before visiting your bank. Every year, the Reserve Bank of India and the state governments announce a list of bank holidays for all public and private banks.

Here are the days which are observed as bank holidays in Lakshadweep -

  • Gazetted holidays - Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti.
  • Important religious holidays - Festivals celebrated by people of different faiths and religions.
  • Some public observances - Important public occasions such as birth or death anniversaries of prominent public figures.

List of Bank Holidays in Lakshadweep 2023

Find out all about the date and days of bank holidays in Lakshadweep 2023 from the table shared below.

Date & Day

Bank Holidays in Lakshadweep


26 January 2023, Thursday

Republic Day


18 February 2023, Saturday



8 March 2023, Wednesday



30 March 2023, Thursday

Ram Navmi


1 April 2023, Saturday

Yearly Closing of Bank Accounts


4 April 2023, Tuesday

Mahavir Jayanti


7 April 2023, Friday

Good Friday


14 April 2023, Friday

Ambedkar Jayanti


22 April, Saturday

Eid al Fitr


5 May 2023, Friday

Buddha Purnima


29 June 2023, Thursday

Bakr-Eid/ Eid al Adha


29 July 2023, Saturday



15 August 2023, Tuesday

Independence Day


7 September 2023, Thursday



27 September 2023, Wednesday

Milad Ul Nabi


28 September 2023, Thursday



2 October 2023, Monday

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti


24 October 2023, Tuesday



12 November 2023, Sunday



27 November 2023, Monday

Guru Nanak Jayanti


25 December 2023, Monday



Bank Holidays in Lakshadweep - Details

Lakshadweep's islands have a plethora of mosques, and major Islamic festivals are bank holidays in Lakshadweep. Though many regional festivals are observed, they are not as enthusiastically celebrated and are not as well-known or visible. We have shared the details about some of the most significant bank holidays in Lakshadweep here:

Eid al Fitr (22 April)

Eid Ul Fitr is celebrated when the new moon is visible after the month of Ramadan. On this day, Lakshadweep residents visit mosques to recite religious sermons and offer prayers. They also host massive feasts and invite friends and family. Eid is one of the most important Lakshadweep bank holidays.

Bakr-Eid (29 June)

This day marks the end of Muslim pilgrims' religious journey to Mecca. It also commemorates the death of Prophet Ibrahim's son Ismail. Bakr-Eid is another important bank holiday in Jharkhand. On this day, a goat is sacrificed, and the meat is distributed to the needy and pilgrims.

Muharram (29 July)

This bank holiday in Lakshadweep commemorates the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussein, Prophet Mohammad's grandson. To atone for their sins, the majority of the people harm themselves with a metal chain. Lakshadweep's small population celebrates this festival with vigour and enthusiasm.

Milad ul Nabi (27 September)

Mawlid or Milad ul Nabi commemorates Prophet Mohammad's birthday. According to legend, he was born in 571 AD on this day. Shia and Sunni Muslims attend public gatherings where sweets are distributed and sprinkled with Attar. This day is a bank holiday in Lakshadweep.

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FAQs on Bank Holidays in Lakshadweep

Q1. How many bank holidays are there in Lakshadweep in 2023?

There are many bank holidays in Lakshadweep in 2023. Some of them are Republic Day, Holi, Ram Navami, Good Friday, Ambedkar Jayanti, Idul Fitr, Mahavir Jayanti, Muharram, Janmashtami, Vijaya Dashmi, Diwali, Independence Day, Milad ul Nabi, Christmas, etc.

Q2. How many national bank holidays are there in Lakshadweep?

There are only three bank holidays in Lakshadweep of national importance. The Reserve Bank of India sets these holidays, which are observed by all private and public banks in the country. The national bank holidays in Lakshadweep include Republic Day (26 January), Independence Day (15 August), and Gandhi Jayanti (2 October).

Q3. What are the major bank holidays in Lakshadweep?

There are many major bank holidays in Lakshadweep. Some of them are festivals such as Eid al Fitr, Holi, Diwali, Good Friday, etc. Other bank holidays in Lakshadweep include public holidays such as Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti. Besides this, banks also remain closed on every second and fourth Saturday.

Q4. Is Muharram a bank holiday in Lakshadweep?

Yes, Muharram is observed as one of the bank holidays in Lakshadweep. This day is religiously significant for all Muslims. On this day, many people harm themselves with a metal chain to atone for their sins. Muharram also commemorates the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussein, Prophet Mohammad's grandson.

Q5. Where can I find the list of bank holidays in Lakshadweep?

We have shared the list of bank holidays in Lakshadweep here. You can find the dates on which the public and private banks in Lakshadweep will remain closed. Additionally, we have also shared details about some of the significant days observed in Lakshadweep here.