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CSIR NET 2024 | Weekend Booster Quiz | Chemical Science (18 February 2024)

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Question 1

At what temperature will be total kinetic energy (KE) of 0.30 mole of He be the same as the total KE of 0.40 mole of Ar at 400 K

Question 2

Number of signals observed in the 1H NMR spectrum of the following compounds P, Q, R, S, respectively are?

P.26.PNG       Q.27.PNG           R.28.PNG            S.29.PNG

Question 3

For adsorption process, the correct thermodynamic condition is:

Question 4

The correct match from the following :

Question 5

Determine the no. of unpaired electron presents in [Cu (NH­3)4]2+.

Question 6

Os6 (CO)18 has a monocapped TBP structure. On addition of 2 electrons, the structure changes to:

Question 7

An octahedral metal ion M2+ has magnetic moment of 4.0 B.M.. The correct combination of metal ion and d-electron configuration is given by

Question 8

The major product formed in the following reaction is?


Question 9

The Langmuir adsorption isotherm is deduced using the assumption that –

Question 10

An organic compound C7H5ClO exhibited the following 13C NMR spectral data:

δ(ppm): 130(d), 132(d), 135(s), 141(s), 180(d). Suggest the structure of compound.

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