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CSIR NET 2024 | Part A Quiz | WEEKEND BOOSTER | 5 May 2024

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Question 1

Reaching the place of meeting on Tuesday 15 min before 8.30 h, Anuj found himself half an hour earlier than the man who was 40 min late. What was the scheduled time of the meeting?

Question 2

Find the unit digit of, 272289 × 26322 + 25429 – 2739

Question 3

Introducing Karan, a man says, "He is the husband of the granddaughter of my maternal grandmother". How is Karan related to that man?

Question 4

A car travels 105 km in 3 hours and a train travels 252 km in 4 hours. The ratio of speed of the car to that of the train is:

Question 5

Four students A, B, C and D are sitting at the four corner of a table. A is opposite to C and at the extreme right of B . who is opposite to D ?

Question 6

At what point does the line intercept the x-axis?

Question 7

Five teachers P, K, A, R and M are sitting in a row facing towards south (Not necessarily in the same order). K is sitting second to the right of R. M is sitting to the immediate right of P. Two teachers are sitting between M and A. Who is sitting to the immediate right of R?

Question 8

A person covers 700 m distance in 6 minutes. What is his speed in km/h?

Question 9

Pointing to a photograph of a lady, Vishal says, "She is the sister–in–law of my grandfather's daughter". How is the lady in the photograph related to Vishal?

Question 10

Find the number of zeroes at the end of the product


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