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CSIR NET 2024 | Life Science: Cellular Organization | 21 Feb

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Question 1

Following are the mechanism occurring during regulation of activity of cyclin –CDK complexes.

identify the incorrect statement ?

P) Cyclin synthesis and degradation catalysed by Skp1 cullin Fbox (SCF) ubiquitin ligase and Anaphase promoting complex (APC)

Q) a highly conserved kinase called Wee1 brings about this inhibitory phosphorylation, and a highly conserved phosphatase called Cdc25 mediates dephosphorylation.

R) CDK inhibitor proteins (CKIs) binding makes cyclin-CDK complex active.

S) CDK inhibitor proteins that regulate CDKs in plants belong to CIP/KIP family and INK4 family.

Question 2

Cells will usually divide if they receive the proper signal at a

Question 3

Which of the below mentioned are cytoskeleton functions?

A) Support for organelles

B) Development of cell junctions

C) Formation of motile structures

D) Membrane vesicle trafficking

Question 4

Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules are encoded by a cluster of genes called MHC locus. There are several reasons why an MHC molecule on the surface of a cell is important. Which one of the following reasons is INCORRECT?

Question 5

Lysosomes are-
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