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CSIR NET 2024 | Life Science: Applied Biology | 22 Feb

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Question 1

Labelling of membrane spanning domain of any integral membrane protein in a given plasma membrane vesicle (without disrupting its structure) is successfully carried out by

Question 2

A neurophysiologist was interested in using the path clamp technique. Following statements are related to this technique:

A) Intracellular movement of ion channels.

B) Post-translation modification of the ion channel protein.

C) Ligand that controls the opening or closing of ion channels.

D) Change in current flow in a single ion channel.

Which one of the following combinations will be achievable using the patch clamp technique?

Question 3

The blood plasma proteins (albumin and globulins) from a healthy person were separated by electrophoresis as shown above. The diagnosis of acute inflammation can be done used on one of the following observations:

Question 4

Area of patch 1 is 2000 m2 with a resource density of 5 units/ m2. Area of patch 2 is 3000 m2 with a resource density of 10 units/ m2. As per the theory of ideal-free distribution, organisms distribute themselves such that the expected ratio of abundance of organisms in the two patches (patch 1 : patch 2) is:

Question 5

Which one of the following can be analysed using Surface Plasmon Resonance method?
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