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CSIR NET 2024 | Inorganic Chemistry (Bioinorganic Chemistry) | (4 May 2024)

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Question 1

High dose of dietary supplement ZnSO4 for the cure of Zn deficiency

Question 2

The number of inorganic sulfides in cubane like ferredoxin and their removal method, respectively, are

Question 3

A metal ion that replace manganese (II) ion in mangano-proteins without changing its function, is

Question 4

Based on the behavior of the metalloenzymes, consider the following statements:

(i) In the enzymes, the zinc activates O2 to form peroxide species

(ii) In the enzymes, the zinc activates H2O and provides a zinc bound hydroxide.

(iii) In the enzymes, the zinc activates O2, to break the binding between two oxygens.

(iv) Zinc ion acts as a nucleophile and attacks at the peptide carbonyl.

The set of correct statements is?

Question 5

Match the related ones:

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