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CSIR NET 2023 | Life Science: Cell Communication and Cell Signaling | 23 September

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Question 1

The function of macrophages is

Question 2

Naive B cells have two types of immunoglobulin on the cell surface.
Indicate which one is not correct

Question 3

T cells circulating in the body do not recognize self-antigens under normal conditions, because:

Question 4

The ced-9 gene of C . elegans has a human homology, bcl-2 that plays a role in programmed cell death. In human the normal function of bcl-2 associated with a cancer, follicular lymphoma. bcl-2 gene in human acts as:

Question 5

Antibodies are produced by B-lymphocytes when animals encounter foreign antigenic material. Different antibody isotypes are formed at different times after exposure; early transient responses are followed by more persistent responses. Antibodies formed soon after infection can be denatured in the laboratory by treatment with 2-mercapto-ethanol while those occurring later are unaffected. You are provided with six serum samples collected serially from one individual animal.
Serum 1 - collected before immunization with Brucella abortus

Serum 2 - collected 6 days after immunization with Brucella abortus
Serum 3 - collected 42 days after immunization with Brucella abortus
Serum 4 - Serum sample 2 treated with 2-mercapto-ethanol
Serum 5 - Serum sample 3 treated with 2-mercapto-ethanol
Serum 6 - collected 42 days after subsequent immunization with Brucella melitensis
You test the sera against 2 antigens and obtain the following results:
Which of the following statements is true?

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