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Construction Material and Management: Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

Which of the following Statement (s) regarding the tendering process is are correct:

1) Earnest money deposit is around 1.1  to 2 % of the estimated cost of the project

2) Performance security amount is around 10 % of the contract amount.

3) Both EMD and performance security are required to be submitted only by the lowest bidder.

4) Performance security amount is refunded immediately after completion of the project

Question 2

Which of the following relations are correct for determining different components of a bid price?

1) Bid price = Direct cost + Indirect cost + Mark up amount

2) Direct cost = Project overheads + Common plant and equipment cost + Common work men cost

3) Mark up amount = Profit + Contingency + Allowances for risks + General overheads

Question 3

A project network diagram is shown in the figure below

Normal time and crash time for each activity are given below

The minimum time required for the completion of the project is:

Question 4

In an excavation of 3,000 cubic meter of common earth for a canal project, 6 men can be effectively employed on the job. If an output of a man is taken as 100 cubic meter per day, the duration of excavation activity will be

Question 5

The covered area of a proposed building in 150m2 and it includes a rear courtyard of 5m × 4m. If the prevailing plinth area rate for similar building is Rs. 1500/m2, what is its cost (in Rs)?

Question 6

Match the following with list I (types of lime) and list II (Calcinated Material)

Question 7

Which of the following statement is correct?

1) If 1500 g of cement is required to have 1875 g cement paste of normal consistency, the percentage of water is 25%.

2) If P is the percentage of water required for normal consistency, water to be added for determination of tensile strength test is .

3) The raw materials used for manufacture of high alumina cement are 40% bauxite, 40% lime and 15% iron oxide with a little % of ferric oxide, silica, magnesia etc.

Question 8

Consider the following methods of preservation of timber:

1) Dipping

2) pressure impregnation

3) Spraying (or, brushing)

The correct sequence in the increasing order of the effectiveness of these methods of preservation is

Question 9

Match List-I (Defects in brick) with List-II (Cause) and select the correct answer using the code given below.

Question 10

Which type of steel is formed by rapid cooling(quenching) of iron such that carbon atoms do not have time to diffuse out of the crystal structure?
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