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Concept of Friction -3 Achievers Practice II Quiz 16

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Question 1

Limiting force of friction is the

Question 2

A square thread of mean diameter 50 mm of screw jack system is used to raise the load 0f 50 kN. calculate the force required at the end of lever of 400 mm long measured from the axis of screw.
take ,helix angle =2o
friction angle= 8o

Question 3

The coefficient of rolling friction is depend on

Question 4

Which of the following is correct about angle of repose?

Question 5

A block of mass 2 kg is held at rest against a rough vertical wall by pressing a horizontal (normal) force of 45 N. Coefficient of friction between wall and the block is equal to 0.5. Now a vertically downward force of 15 N (tangential to wall) is also applied on the block. Then the block will –

Question 6

calculate the minimum force P required to uplift the block of weight  of 40 kN in single wedge system shown in the figure .if the friction at all the contact surface is 8o

Question 7

which one of the following is correct when their is relative motion between the rope and pulley
where, T1=tight side tension
T2= slack side tension
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