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Computer Organisation & Architecture : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A jump instruction followed by a ret instruction in the subroutine _____________.

Question 2

When a subroutine is called using “CALL” instruction then the address of instruction following the “CALL” instruction is stored in?

Question 3

An instruction is read from the memory having the value stored in the program counter as 716. The number contained in the address part of the instruction is 36. What will be the effective address in relative address mode given the value pointed by the index register is 12?

Question 4

The most appropriate matching for the following pairs is-

Question 5

ALU of CPU has

Question 6

Each personal computer has a _________ that manages the computer’s arithmetical, logical and control activities.

Question 7

The fastest data access is provided using _______

Question 8

Volatile memory refers to __________

Question 9

Which of the following is an arithmetic instruction:

Question 10

How many types of instruction formats are there?
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