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Complete Structure Marathon Quiz

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Question 1

A frame PQRS is supported by a roller at P and is on a hinge at R as shown below

The reaction at roller support P is _______ kN.

Question 2

In the plane truss shown below, the number of members having zero force is ___________.

Question 3

Which of the following ILD is incorrect for the given beam?

Question 4

Which of the following statements are true?
1) Slope deflection method is always used for determinate structures.
2) Slope deflection method is displacement method.
3) Modified slope deflection equation is used when one support is hinged.
4) Superposition cannot be applied in slope deflection equations.

Question 5

A plane frame is as shown in the figure below. If MBA = 10 kNM (clockwise) and MCD = 21 kNM (counter clockwise) then the value of load P is ______kN

Question 6

A circular segmental three hinged arch of span 32m and rise of 4m is hinged at the crown and springings. It carries a horizontal load of 1000N/m covering full height of the arch on left side. The horizontal thrust on the right springing will be

Question 7

The degree of freedoms are indicated in the figure below. Find the flexibility matrix.

Question 8

Find the maximum bending moment occuring at the point C due to a moving uniform load of 2 kN/m having a length of 3 m.

Question 9

Consider following statements related to matrix method:

1) Flexibility matrix and its transpose are equal.

2) Elements of main diagonal of stiffness matrix are always positive.

3) For unstable structures, coefficients in leading diagonal matrix can be negative.

Which of these is correct?

Question 10

The unit load method used in structural analysis is

Question 11

Match list-I (type of loading) with list-II (Fixed end moment) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

Question 12

The tangential rotation of point C of the frame shown in the figure is E = 200 GPa, I = 15 × 106 mm4 for both the members.


Question 13

A beam AB is supported on an elastic column BC and is loaded as shown in figure. Joint B is rigid.

The rotation of the joint B is

Question 14

Determine the vertical deflection at the free and of a circular cantilevers frame shown in the figure. Take EI = cosnt. = 3200000 N-m2

P = 10kN, R = 2m

Vertical deflection is _______mm (up to one decimal)

Question 15

Three uniform rods OA, OB and OC having the same length l, cross sectional area A and of the same material remaining in the same vertical plane support a load W at O as shown in figure. The magnitude of forces in the members OA, OB and OC respectively are

Question 16

The load system in figure crosses a grider 25 m span with 120 kN leading. The absolute maximum bending moment (in kN-m) on the grider is

Question 17

The distribution factor of joint B for the given, portal frame as shown in figure below is:
Given: IAB : Ibc . ICD = 1: 2: 1

Question 18

Consider the beam ABCD and the influence line as Shown below. The influence line pertains to

Question 19

For the rigid frame shown below, what is the moment reaction at A?

Question 20

From the beam shown below, the value of support moment M is ______ kN-m.


Question 21

A propped canilever AB of 6 m span is subjected to 10 kN load at mid span. When the support 'B' sinks by 1 cm, the magnitude of moment at support A is ________ kNm.

[Take EI = 2.4 x 106 kN cm2]

Question 22

If span of a uniform propped cantilever beam is 12 m then the area of influence line diagram for the reaction at the hinged end is _______.

Question 23

The influence line diagram (ILD) shown is for the member

Question 24

The plane frame below is analyzed by neglecting axial deformations. Following statements are made with respect to the analysis
(I) Column AB carries axial force only
(II) The portion CD of the frame carries Bending Moment 
With reference to the above statements, which of the following applies?

Question 25

The figure given below shows a rigid frame in which both supports are fixeD. If joint D undergoes a rotational slip of 0.002 radian and vertical settlement of 15mm. Slope deflection equation for the member DC will be
[Assume clockwise rotation positive]

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