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"Building Materials _Quiz 2"

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Question 1

The condition not applicable to water cement ratio law is ________.

Question 2

The commercial name of white and colored cement in India is ______.

Question 3

The factor of safety for steel as compared to concrete is _____.

Question 4

Pick up the correct statement from the following.

Question 5

The melting point of asbestos fibre is

Question 6

The most commonly used retarder in cement is:

Question 7

If aggregate size of 40-50 mm is to be tested for determining the proportion of elongated aggregates, the slot length of the gauge should be

Question 8

Which component of concrete gives it desired compressive strength?

Question 9

Compaction factor for heavily reinforced section with vibration is:

Question 10

Which of the below is not a plaster finish?
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