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Building Material_APPSC CE Quiz-3

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Question 1

The appropriate ratio between the strengths of cement concrete at 28 days and 7 days is.

Question 2

Modulus of elasticity of M36 concrete as determine by formula of IS: 456 is:

Question 3

The main object of compaction of concrete is

Question 4

Bleeding on concrete is said to occur when

Question 5

The ratio of direct tensile strength to that of modulus of rupture of concrete is :

Question 6

The compaction factor test for concrete is done to ascertain which property of concrete.

Question 7

A capacity of a ’28 S type’ concrete mixer is 0.8 m3. For mixing one cubic meter of concrete, the quantity of cement required is 5.5 bags. In order to avoid fractional usage of cement bags, the volume of concrete (in m3) to be mixed per batch will be

Question 8

If in a concrete mix the fineness modulus of coarse aggregate if 7.6, the fineness modulus of fine aggregate is 2.8 and economical value of fineness modulus of combined aggregate if 6.4, then the proportion of fine aggregate is

Question 9

Which is the best method for curing of concrete flat surfaces?

Question 10

How does the strength of concrete differ with age of concrete?
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