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BPSC AE Transport Phenomena QUIZ 1

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Question 1

Pick up the correct option related to transition curve:

Question 2

Consider the following statements:

Excessive camber is not provided on the roads because:

a) Transverse tilt causes discomfort

b) Of formation of cross ruts

c) Of likely toppling over of highly laden bullock carts

d) Of higher costs involved

Which of the statements given above are correct?

Question 3

Calculate the length of Major District Roads for a total area of state of 2500km2.

Question 4

The overlay design is laid for a maximum life span of?

Question 5

If R is the radius of a circular curve, then the versine on a chord of length L is given by

Question 6

The main purpose of providing camber

Question 7

The extra width of pavement is provided in case of

Question 8

What is the correct sequence of the stages of engineering survey
1. Reconnaissance
2. Map study
3. detailed study
4. Preliminary survey

Question 9

In which year Ministry of Shipping and Ministry of Road Transport has again been merged and renamed as Ministry of Shipping and Road Transport and Highways

Question 10

The longitudinal deformations in the wheel track is known as:

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