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BPSC AE Mechanics of Solids QUIZ 1

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Question 1

Toughness is the area under the curve of

Question 2

When an axial load of 50 kN is gradually applied to a copper rod of cross-sectional area 2 cm2 it elongate 0.0025 cm over a 5 cm gauge length. What is the strain energy stored in the rod at this point?

Question 3

What is the relationship between elastic constants E,G and K?

Question 4

A cube which is free to expand on all sides is given a temperature rise of 40. The length of cube is 2 m. The coefficient of expansion is 20μm/m. Volumetric Strain observed in cube is _______.

Question 5

If a composite bar of copper and steel is heated at 110o C, the stress induced in steel bar is _________.

Question 6

The Mohr circle reduces to a point when the body is subjected to

Question 7

When the bending moment is constant then

Question 8

A cantilever beam, 2m in length, is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of 5 N/m. If E = 200GPa and I = 1000 cm4, the strain energy stored in the beam will be

Question 9

What is the maximum torque Transmitted by hollow shaft of external radius R and internal radius r and maximum shear stress of the material τs?

Question 10

For the design of a cast iron member, the most appropriate theory of failure is
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