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BPSC AE (ME) || Refrigeration Quiz - 2

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Question 1

Which of the following is the correct relation between COP of heat pump and COP of refrigerator?

Question 2

Refrigerant being used in VCRS system, should have _________Joule Thomson coefficient

Question 3

The enthalpies at various points in a VCRS cycle are given below.

Inlet to compressor: 100 kJ/kg

Inlet to evaporator: 60 kJ/kg

Exit of compressor: 120 kJ/kg

Calculate the Cop of this cycle.

Question 4

VARS (Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System) as shown in figure
 Match the following
List 1                           List 2
A                           1- Condenser

B                           2- Expander
C                           3- Absorber
D                           4- Evaporator
E                           5- Vapour generator

Question 5

In an aircraft refrigeration system, the pressure at the cooling turbine outlet is equal to

Question 6

Centrifugal compressors are used in:

Question 7

The process of sub-cooling in a refrigeration cycle

Question 8

In an air cycle refrigeration system, low temperatures are produced due to:

Question 9

In a triple fluid vapour absorption refrigeration system, the hydrogen gas is used to ________.

Question 10

In the vapour compression refrigeration cycle ________.
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