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BPSC AE (ME) Quiz - 9

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Question 1

The transmission of heat by molecular collision is called

Question 2

The value of thermal conductivity at a given temperature is highest for

Question 3

Determine the heat transfer through a plane of length 4 m, height 3 m and thickness 0.2 m. The temperatures of innner and outer surfaces are and respectively. Thermal conductivity of the wall is 0.5 W/mK.

Question 4

The effectiveness of a fin will be maximum when the value of heat transfer coefficient is

Question 5

Dimensionless time is represented by

Question 6

A cross how type air heater has an area of 40 m2. The overall transfer coefficient is 150 W/m2K and heat capacity of the stream be. It hot or cold is 1000 W/K, then the NTU is _____________.

Question 7

A flat plate has one side surface area 5 m2. The area shown to observer at angle 60° to horizontal to surface is.

Question 8

Two infinitely large parallel plates 1 and 2 are held at temperatures 800 K and 500 K respectively and placed at a distance 50 mm apart in vaccum. A third large infinite flat radiation shield is introduced in between the plates 1 and 2. Consider emissivity of all the plates are equal. The ratio of the steady state radiative heat flux with and without the shield is

Question 9

Dominant heat transfer in liquid and gases take place by _____.

Question 10

The ratio of momentum diffusivity (v) to thermal diffusivity (α), is called
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