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BPSC AE (ME) Quiz - 8

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Question 1

For air standard Otto cycle

Question 2

The cycle efficiency of diesel cycle depends upon

Question 3

An engine has a swept volume of 100 cm3 and a clearance volume of 20 cm3. The mechanical efficiency is 0.8 and volumetric efficiency is 0.75. The volume taken in per stroke will be

Question 4

The self-ignition temperature of diesel is __________ as compared to that of petrol.

Question 5

Which of the following statements is/are true

(a) In spark ignition engine, the auto ignition of the end gas away from the spark plug, most likely near the end of combustion causes knocking.

(b) In compression ignition engines the autoignition of the charge causing knocking is at the start of combustion.

(c) The rate of pressure rise at explosive autoignition in SI engine is likely to be more than that in compression engine.

(d) all of above

Question 6

A man is planning to go at the top of a hill by his motorcycle. When he is about to reach at the top, air fuel mixture supplied by carburettor comparative to bottom of hill will be________?

Question 7

Brayton cycle with infinite inter cooling and reheating stages would approximate a

Question 8

Oxides of nitrogen in the engine exhaust can be reduced by which of the following methods?
1). Decrease in compression ratio.
2). Exhaust gas recirculation.
3). Use of 5% lean mixture.
4). Use of oxidation catalysts in exhaust manifold.
Select the correct answer using the code given below

Question 9

The measurement of frictional power by willan’s line is applicable only to _____.

Question 10

Which of the following statement is incorrect about Solid injection system_____?
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