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BPSC AE (ME) Quiz - 17

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Question 1

Which of the following materials requires the largest total shrinkage allowance, while making a pattern for casting?

Question 2

Which of the following is the function of draw spike in a moulding operation ________?

Question 3

In the process of metal rolling operation, along the arc of contact in the roll gap there is a point called the neutral point, because material

Question 4

Extrusion process is not suitable for which of the following?

Question 5

A small crack at the corners and at the right angles to the forget surface is which forging defect

Question 6

Match the following
Given angles are of ASA system

Question 7

The size of the lathe is expressed as:

Question 8

Which of the following welding technique uses magnetic focusing lens?

Question 9

A hole and a shaft have a basic size of 25 mm, and are to have a clearance fit with a maximum clearance of 0.02 mm and a minimum clearance of 0.01 mm. The hole tolerance is to be 1.5 times the shaft tolerance. The limits of both hole and shaft using hole basis system will be

Question 10

For converting the steel into 100% martensite, it is quenched into a bath of liquid N2, this process is called________.
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