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BPSC AE (ME) Quiz - 13

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Question 1

For a single cylinder reciprocating engine speed is 500 rpm, stroke is 150 mm, mass of reciprocating parts is 21 kg; mass of revolving parts is 15 kg at crank radius. If two-thirds of reciprocating masses and all the revolving masses are balanced, the mas at a radius of 150 mm will be

Question 2

consider the following statements for a 4-cyclinder in line engine whose cranks are arranged at regular intervals of :
1) There are 8 possible firing orders for the engine.
2) Primary force will remain unbalanced for some firing orders.
which of the following statements is correct:

Question 3

Consider the following statements regarding radial cam nomenclature:
1) Motion of the trace point describes movement of the follower
2) The curve generated by the locus of trace point is called cam profile
3) Actual working curve of cam is called pitch curve
4) Smallest circle that can be drawn tangential to cam profile is called base circle
Which of these statements are correct?

Question 4

A turbine rotor of ship rotates anticlockwise when viewed from stern. If ship takes right turn then gyroscopic effect will be

Question 5

Number of links (l) and the number of joints (J) for a single degree of freedom kinematic chain, with only lower pair joints, is related by the expression ___________.

Question 6

Mobility of the shown mechanism is:

Question 7

In spur gears, the circle on which the involute is generated is called __________.

Question 8

Mitre gears are generally used for _______.

Question 9

A flywheel on a motor speeds up from rest to 1000 r.p.m. in 6 seconds. the number of revolutions made thereby is nearly :

Question 10

A four-bar mechanism is as shown in the figure below. At the instant shown, AB is shorter than CD by 30 cm. AB is rotating at 5 rad/s and CD is rotating at 2 rad/s:
The length of AB is
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