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BPSC AE (ME) Quiz - 12

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Question 1

A gas turbine cycle works between temperature limits of 27oC and 1027oC. Find the optimum efficiency(for maximum) of the cycle. (γ = 1.4)

Question 2

A gas turbine plant operates on Brayton cycle between 300 K and 1073 K. The maximum work done per kg of air (in kJ) and corresponding efficiency (in %)  respectively are:

Question 3

A gas turbine operating on Brayton cycle has the maximum temperature of 1200 k and the minimum temperature of 300 k . the cycle efficiency for the maximum work capacity will be

Question 4

Reheating in Brayton cycle:

Question 5

Expression for maximum work obtainable in a Brayton cycle with Temperature limits and is

Question 6

What is the thermal efficiency range in Brayton cycle?

Question 7

Work ratio obtained in a Brayton cycle is 0.64. What is the back work ratio for this cycle? 

Question 8

The ideal thermodynamic cycle for the development of gas turbine engine is

Question 9

Brayton cycle involves

Question 10

The efficiency of a simple gas turbine can be improved by using a regenerator, because the
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