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Question 1

Reheat factor for a multi-stage steam turbine is the ratio of:

Question 2

Which of the following are the advantages of impulse turbine over reaction turbines?
A) Occupies less space per unit power.
B) Compounding is not necessary for speed reduction as the rotor speeds are usually low.
C) Suitable for high power generation.

Question 3

The degree of reaction of a steam turbine is the ratio between the enthalpy drops in

Question 4

A single-stage impulse turbine with a diameter of 120 cm runs at 3000 rpm. If the blade speed ratio is 0.42, the inlet velocity of steam will be:

Question 5

Pelton wheel is a/an __________.

Question 6

What is the number of buckets on the runner of a Pelton turbine if the jet ratio is 12?

Question 7

The flow ratio for a Francis turbine varies from ___________.

Question 8

In a steam power plant, the condition of steam at inlet to turbine is 20 bar and 300°C and the condenser pressure is 10 kPa. Two feed water heaters operate at 5 bar and 1 bar respectively. Mass of steam bled per kg of steam flow at second feed water heater

(The feed water heater operating at 1 bar) is?

At P = 20 bar; T = 300°C; h = 3025 kJ/kg

Enthalpy of steam entering first feed water heater = 2725 kJ/kg

Enthalpy of steam entering second feed water heater = 2460 kJ/kg

Enthalpy of steam entering the condenser = 2140 kJ/kg

Enthalpy of steam entering leaving the condenser = 191.83 kJ/kg

At 1 bar, hf = 417.5 kg

At 5 bar, hf = 641.21 kJ/kg

Neglect the pump work and assume isentropic expansion in turbine

Question 9

In a reaction turbine the enthalpy drop in a stage is 60 units, the enthalpy drop in the moving blades is 32 units. The degree of reaction is _________.

Question 10

A 4-row velocity compounded steam turbine develops total 6400 kW. What is the power developed by the last row?
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