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Question 1

The characteristic polynomial of a system can be defined as

Question 2

A transfer function having all its poles and zeros only in the left-half of the s-plane is called

Question 3

Control system in which the output has no influence or effect on the control action of the input signal is called.

Question 4

The system is originally critically damped. If the gain is doubled then it will become:

Question 5

If the Gain of the open loop system is doubled, the gain margin

Question 6

A system is described by the following state matrix:-

The state transition matrix for the following system is-

Question 7

Given a unity feedback system with , the value of K for damping ratio of 0.5 is

Question 8

The effect of increase in damping ratio of second order system will be:

i) Reduce peak overshoot

ii) Increase peak overshoot

iii) Increase setting time

iv) Reduces setting time

Which of the following option is correct?

Question 9

Reduce the block diagram to unity feedback form and find the system characteristic equation.

Question 10

Due to integral error control the order of a second order system is transformed into
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