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Question 1

The distributed capacitance Cd of a coil is being measured using a Q-meter. At a frequency of 1 MHz, resonance is observed with a capacitance of 150 pF. When the frequency is increased to 2 MHz, a different capacitance value is required for resonance, which is 30 pF. What is the value of the distributed capacitance Cd of the coil? 

Question 2

The internal resistance of ammeters and voltmeter are 1 Ω and 1 KΩ respectively. If these meters are used to measure DC power. Find the value of load resistance at which error in V-A and A-V method is same.

Question 3

A PMMC type voltmeter, having a full-scale reading of 250 V and an internal resistance of 450 kΩ, is connected with the series resistance of 50 kΩ. Calculate the sensitivity of the voltmeter (in ohms/volts).

Question 4

What is the reading of 0.1234 volts on 10 V, 100 V range in  digit DVM?

Question 5

To minimize current deviation and voltage deviation in C.T. and P.T. respectively.

Question 6

For the given Lissajous figure if the horizontal frequency is 100 Hz, then the vertical frequency will be

Question 7

The sum of W1 and W2 for 200 V (L-L), 50 Hz supply

Question 8

The value of “Δr” to get a deflection of 0.5 mV is

Question 9

A dc voltmeter has a sensitivity of 1000 /V. When it measures half full scale in 100 V range, the current through the voltmeter is

Question 10

Which of the bridge balancing equations doesn’t contain frequency component ?

1). Maxwell’s inductance bridge 2). Maxell’s inductance capacitance bridge

3). Hay’s bridge 4). Anderson’s bridge

5). Owen’s bridge 6). Schering bridge

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