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Question 1

The voltage across an 80Ω resistor is shown in the figure below. Find the power dissipated in the resistor.

Question 2

What is the input impedance of the circuit, if the circuit operates at ω = 50rad/s?

Question 3

In a two port reciprocal network, the output open circuit voltage divided by input current is equal to

Question 4

Consider the following statement:

1) Superposition theorem is applicable to networks having more then one independent source.

2) Superposition theorem is not applicable to ac circuits.

3) Superposition theorem is also applicable for dependent sources.

Which of these statements are correct?

Question 5

Consider the series R-L circuit shown in figure below. For obtaining transient free response, switch should be closed at instant t = t0. Find the value of t0. (consider R = ωL)

Question 6

Consider the following statements with respect to a parallel RLC circuit.

1. At resonance, the current is in phase with applied voltage.

2. The value of current at resonance is maximum.

3. The magnitude of input impedance is maximum at resonance.

Which of the above statements are incorrect ?

Question 7

For the circuit shown below, the voltage across the 9Ω resistor is

Question 8

Which of the following statement is not correct with regard to graph theory

Question 9

A current of 10 A flows in a circuit with a 30° angle of lag when the applied voltage is 100V. What are the values of resistance and reactance in the circuit respectively.

Question 10

Resonance frequency of the circuit shown below is

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