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Question 1

What is the maximum permissible limit of fluoride in drinking water?

Question 2

Calculate the maximum rate of effluent application in the dispersion trench where the percolation test carried out at site takes 4 minutes?

Question 3

Calculate the percentage efficiency of BOD removal of an activated sludge treatment plant:

Incoming BOD = 250 mg/l

Outgoing BOD = 20 mg/l

Question 4

A 250 ml water sample initially has pH 10. For the sample of pH 4.5, 25 ml of 0.02 N  is required. The total alkalinity of water as  in mg/l is

Question 5

A town having a water demand of 20 MLD is to be supplied with water having a residual chlorine concentration of 0.3 ppm, If the chlorine demand in raw water is 0.6 ppm and the available chlorine in bleaching powder is 20 %, the amount of bleaching powder per day is

Question 6

Consider the following characteristics:

a) Effective size: 0.5 mm

b) Uniformity coefficient: 2.5

c) Filtration rate: 5.0 m3/m2/h

Which of the above values are correct in respect to rapid sand filter?

Question 7

If pH value solution A is 4 and that of solution B is 6 then the hydrogen ion concentration of solution:

Question 8

Grit chamber removes particles of size

Question 9

Which one of the following sequences is the most suitable for treating raw surface water to make it suitable for drinking purpose?

Question 10

If design overrate flow of a settling tank is 43.2m3/m2/day and the design flow is 0.5m3/sec. Then surface area of tank is
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