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Question 1

The ‘surcharge storage’ in a dam reservoir is the volume of water stored between _____.

Question 2

Runoff cannot be determined by

Question 3

Determine the optimum number of rain gauge stations in the catchment for an admissible error of 10% in the estimation of mean rainfall. The coefficient of variation of the rainfall for 4 rain gauge stations in the catchment is 30%.

Question 4

The precipitation caused by the lifting of an air mass due to the pressure difference is known as

Question 5

Infiltration capacity of soil depends upon

Question 6

A rain hyetograph is :

Question 7

Hyetograph is

Question 8

If the initial infiltration capacity was 10 mm/hr and ultimate capacity was 1.2 mm/hr. The total of 33 mm of water infiltrated during 10 h interval. Find infiltration constant rate. ( Assume steady state is attained)

Question 9

The main advantage of bentonite layer lining in an irrigation canal is that:

Question 10

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