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Question 1

Which of the following structural loads are not applied commonly to a building?

Question 2

A ribbed slab is provided for which of the following?

Question 3

The ratio of the breadth to effective depth of a beam is kept

Question 4

What do we need to do while designing an air entrained oncrete?

Question 5

If the diameter of the main reinforcement in a slab is 16 mm, the concrete cover to main bars is

Question 6

The properly bent up and hooked bar for resisting diagonal tension in beams is shown in which of the following figures?




Question 7

Segregation is responsible for

Question 8

High strength concrete has

Question 9

The necessity of high strength concrete in prestressed concrete is due to :

Question 10

If 20 mm diameter longitudinal bars are provided in a simply supported beam. The anchorage value for a 90° standard band is.
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