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Question 1

in two-hinged arch, how many unknown forces exist?

Question 2

Determine the degree of static indeterminacy for the given frame

Question 3

For the portal frame shown in the figure below, the shear equation is given as

Question 4

Which theorem describe the relationship among the bending moments at three consecutive supports of a horizontal continuous beam?

Question 5

A 2-hinge arch and 3-hinge arch is statically indeterminate by……. and ……degree


Question 6

A live load 20 kN/m 6m long, moves on simply supported girder AB 12m long. For maximum bending moment to occur at 4m from left end A. Where will be the head of load as measured from A?

Question 7

The values of displacement in {D} necessary to ensure the equilibrium of the joints are determined using the relation (displacement vector={D}; stiffness matrix=[K]; and load vector={P}

Question 8

Find the degrees of freedom for the given beam if the members are assumed to be inextensible.

Question 9

The force in BC of the truss shown in the figure below is

Question 10

All members of the frame shown below have the same flexural rigidity EI and length 2.2 m. If a moment of 20 kN.m is applied at joint B, the rotation of the joint B is

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