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Question 1

A circular disk of a radius R rolls without slipping at a velocity V. the magnitude of the velocity at point P (see in figure).

Question 2

If the volume of a homogeneous body possesses two planes of symmetry, then its centroid must be along.

Question 3

A ball is thrown up. The sum of kinetic and potential energies will be maximum at

Question 4

When the spring of a watch is wound it posses ______.

Question 5

Which of the following is the unit of energy?

Question 6

A body is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 980 cm/sec, then the time the body will take to reach the ground will be

Question 7

A fan rotates at a constant speed of 60 rpm. The total angular displacement it makes in 10 sec is:

Question 8

In order to double the time period of a simple pendulum __________.

Question 9

A box is resting on a floor with coefficient of friction equal to 0.43. At what maximum height ‘H’. May the box be pulled if it is to move with uniform velocity without overturning.

Question 10

Consider the given equation of motion for a damped viscous vibration as shown in the figure below:

What is the nature of vibration?

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