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Question 1

Change in enthalpy in a closed system is equal to the heat transfer, if the reversible process takes place at constant_______.

Question 2

Consider an engine executing a reversible cycle such that it has heat interaction with three reservoirs and delivering work shown in figure.

The value of heat input (Q) from reservoir of 600 K and W respectively are

Question 3

A compressed gas from a container is used to inflate an inelastic flexible ballon originally folded completely flat to a volume of 0.8m3. If the barometer reads 760mm Hg, what is the amount of work done(in kJ) upon the atmosphere by the balloon?

Question 4

A Power plant produces power by converting kinetic energy of falling water to electric energy using a turbine. The turbine used should be capable of handling variation of flow. The turbine installed for the purpose is;

Question 5

Which kind of turbine is a Pelton Wheel turbine?

Question 6

A pelton wheel is having a mean bucket diameter of 1 m and is running at 1000 rpm. The net head on the pelton wheel is 700 m. If the discharge through nozzle is 0.1 m3/s, find power (in kW) available at nozzle.

Question 7

In a centrifugal pump, the liquid enters the pump from _________.

Question 8

The performance curve is obtained by adding heads at the same flow rate, when the pumps are connected in ________.

Question 9

For a centrifugal pump, the optimum value of vane angle at exit of impeller will be____.

Question 10

What are the advantages of Centrifugal pump
1) Less floor space
2) Easy handling of high viscous fluids
3) Can handle large volume of fluids 
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