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Question 1

The process involved in chlorination after breakpoint chlorination are

Question 2

Disinfection of drinking water is done to remove

Question 3

Ozonation in water treatment is done for which of the process :

Question 4

Which of the following is the lowest water requiring industry per unit of production?

Question 5

If design overrate flow of a settling tank is 43.2m3/m2/day and the design flow is 0.5m3/sec. Then surface area of tank is

Question 6

On which scale the turbidity is measured?

Question 7

Grit chamber removes particles of size

Question 8

Pollution potential of domestic sewage generated in a town and its industrial sewage can be compared with reference to?

Question 9

Bacteria that derives both energy and material from organic compounds are

Question 10

The leachate forms from which of the following treatment process?
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